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tack and drag chicago's reputation through the mud in the process and why this stunt was orchestrated by small because he was dissatisfied with his salary after charges were dropped chicago mayor rahm emanuel took the good morning america to chat with fellow democratic party and white house alumni george stephanopoulos to claim again that small is guilty and that it was done to promote himself. the problem is that twelve minutes before the case was sealed by prosecutors the c.p.t. chose to approve a freedom of it that clearly state that the crime is of undetermined motive but the brothers only told police they were pretty sure they received the hundred dollar bill from small of twenty five january two thousand and nineteen but he not sure when the bill but he wasn't sure when the bill was used and that they were pretty sure they received the check on january twenty seventh two thousand and nineteen which is just one of the ways in which the chicago police department's theory of conspiracy by just
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a small it has been unraveling in recent weeks let's get to the bottom of this watching the hawks. but that's. part of. what they like that i got. well the watching the entire robot. training us down to disguise. they're just a smaller case and everything that sort of happening is there and educator and thanks for joining us thank you guys how you doing so good man is going to d. this is interesting no this is the same chicago police department that was back in
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two thousand and seventeen department just for support to have a code of silence in effect to cover up wrongdoing the poor was sparked by the two thousand and fifteen shooting of look on macdonald in which the chicago p.d. you know was found to have this code of silence regarding the acts of bad officers why does the media why does the media continue to take the chicago police department at their word when the d.o.j. numerous studies even the f.b.i. has found them to be untrustworthy and deeply flawed. i want you guys in the which you probably already know that the storage in the hypocrisy that exists within the chicago police department is this a story the corruption is the story of the corruption is that the problem is that they've got a whole television shows and movies dedicated sort of corruption of the department in the last few years they paid over three hundred million dollars in this kind of the settlement so it was kind of excitement so we know it's not a game it's
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a corruption very seriously. it's a sport for the. so do i and this is not this is not me you know rallying for just because the whole situation looks suspect but look at the part of it like you're so much out of the economy. and i don't know that's what makes me wonder about what is so what is suspect and what isn't suspect because now we found out you know as you said this has been found over time to have lied not just about a million other things but this case specifically the f.b.i. came out right afterward right when this all happened to say that this he was wrong about the evidence that they said that that just he had sent this threatening letter that it showed up to the empire set that they had said he had sent it to himself the f.b.i. and they have no evidence to prove that they've already they came out specifically to say that that chicago police were wrong about that now we find out that they're what the witnesses these brothers who they contend was part were paid to be part of
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this scheme voluntarily were part of it though no charges have been made against them today we found out that they were put up at you know two hundred and i hundred dollars and i tell they were given what they call cash for food and quote incidentals in the report. what what is that that makes this train because i feel like for me the fact that the broad basic sort of journalistic question about that why is no one asking why they weren't charged and that's the problem like public trust is shattered people were split over this you know like another issue on top of what you just said is this is whole idea of the mayor the police chief and everybody putting all of their weight behind this you know secada goes as a city as it is has a lot of issues and things that they should be more passionate about but they're dumping everything to has something that they're not even sure about it is all white for p.r. to look like get tough on crime look like it's awful celebrities different but you
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know the forfeit is one hundred thousand dollars ten. ten thousand zero and so he only had to pay that ten percent he gave ten percent of the bond and he said. i was a community service. it is kind of staggering when you look at this and like you were saying do you like when you mention that it's like everybody jumped on this thing. you know you look back and say why over this particular case you know the let me give you this is the chicago police department it's about forty percent of the city's public service budget and yet as often organizers charlene carruthers told our magazine there's all this the c.p.d. on a day to day basis does not operate as an entity that keeps us safe as black people or queer folks they have a very low clearance rate in actually determining who committed certain acts of violence against other people particularly in black neighborhoods did these facts make small its initial apprehension to even report the attack make more sense in context when you look at that when you know that they might not even listen to me.
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yes in the what we know about c.p.d. and how they act and what we know how it is being a black person in the traumas and the things that a lot of queer people suffer from what you understand why a lot of people just don't report crimes. you know just when we're in a very difficult political time in our country right now and so you know i'm not going to believe he was telling the truth before i even took time to analyze a story like who's walking around with bleach on the polar vortex. three o'clock in the morning in chicago and what white nationalists is. beyond like i thought it would be ridiculous for a person to make that up so. so that's one thing and then we saw that it was a foul play and it could be crazy everyone jumped on the other side but you know again it just it brings it back to the whole idea of victims like real victims are going to be skeptical now because they know the stats that you just put out because
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they have to live those stats and everybody's going to you know jump back on his side and say you know we got to protect the kid and you know he's rich and he's happily would he's the victim and it still just seems fishy in chicago p.d. you know they were going to look ridiculous even when. interesting what do you say to journalists. have reported what the c.p.d. said. without thought and just kind of kept it going so you know we have to use the right terminology to show that we're just telling the story but there's nothing wrong with you report the story when you tell the story you're telling the story you know allegedly he said this happened so as a journalist i don't really think it's right to say he's lying let the facts come in let it happens as it happens of course we're going to have a pretty as it is right the workers were put into the story but at the end the day we had to take about his word and so we did it because we've got a current climate that we live in but you think here's the thing that gets me is we took him out his word until we didn't the reason we didn't take him at his word is
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because the c.b.d. has come up with what is really when you look at this a very fishy story from their side what they're saying is that first two supposedly celebrity endorsers trainer is who only charge twenty to fifty dollars an hour by the way according to the police report for their training which is chicago i don't know where they had anybody but i'm trying to and then they're saying well you know their story has literally in there they're saying no we didn't know we're pretty sure we think we did we got one hundred dollars for him but we didn't use it for this i what way do you start to really question i mean i question this every time the chicago police department says anything because even a manual himself said they had a problem back in two thousand and fifteen so. to me i'm much more concerned about the fact that we sort of. gave the c.p.t. it seems that a lot of people just gave the c.p.d. a pass chicago police department at the johnson a pass that we just bought it and people printed stuff when so much false
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information got out but they put so much weight behind their story the same way it's kind of like we if this is what they bring us into media we as is our job to report what they bring now if it comes if it comes out that they're not telling the truth because we know what to do you know just the story gets messy and the c.p.d. story is fishy as well as our job to give analysis and to talk about that and mention that i don't i don't think anyone. listen to jesse i don't think anyone should feel ashamed for you know not believing in what the c.p.b. said but reporting what he said which is two whole different things allegedly this is what they said happened it doesn't mean it actually happened because like i said i don't trust jesse and i don't trust to see one thing that really got out of my skin with all this though is that everybody in the aftermath of the prosecutor saying hey you know what this isn't really what this do go this isn't really worth the time you know why are we involved in this immediately the c.p.d.
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and rahm emanuel get on t.v. with this idea we talked about it and you pointed it out brilliantly which was it's innocent till proven guilty technically he's innocent of this crime because they never actually went to trial they never. manual made it absolutely possible for a gay black man who was accused of lying to the police to get a fair trial from minute one he couldn't get a fair trial because of the way that it was handled and to me that is the part where were you saying is who's who is in a sense to hold on to that innocent till proven guilty because that's they get away with this because they say you're guilty that's how they shoot people in the street and to me it's no different you know you're one hundred percent right. just to add on to what is just what you put that much. right as other things go unnoticed has national attention here's this national attention to how light the real issues are not someone cried over their salary if that's the case made it all that into every day only know that i thought that so i did a laying right there so i have thank you very much for coming on always
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a pleasure having you on author and educated. as we go to break cock watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered up facebook twitter and you tube and cheerful shows are. coming up we delve into puerto rico and find out what the her taking advantage of fracking in that system down there and how the government is pushing it the puerto ricans after all the storm stay tuned to watch. officer. told you to get up off the ground begin to.
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sound the sounds of maybe. the christening essentially. pushed it away from the officer. they obviously did they kind of lunge for the web in one smith's and then would have been done she swung and i didn't hear that again fifteen feet apart at this point and that's when the officer pulled his gun. in terms of mr white of home he's played a useful role but i think that the mistake he's made thus far he's not announcing that he would not stand for president so to say to the venezuelan people in the international community i've done my role which i believe is a constitutional one as an interim president but don't look for me to run think if
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he were to do that the situation in venezuela would be perceived as less one of the united states. desperate for a single purpose. they have a superman. they start training very young. eight months of intensive schooling. rats. and they save lives.
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and ronald reagan writing of a loss raptor open to inspire so this is to procreate as a fix for climate change for those of us living outside the halls of congress there are real issues related to climate change that need real attention especially for those living in the path of the intensified natural disasters it creates like the good citizens of puerto rico who this week saw united states president donald trump as administrator and put a rogue walk in front of a massive disaster after getting hit by two devastating hurricanes and twenty something that the amount of aid for puerto rico is way out of proportion to what texas and florida and others have gotten or. according to white house officials the federal government has allocated some forty billion for puerto rico disaster recovery however many point out that the unincorporated u.s. territories estimated to have incurred anywhere but from forty five to ninety five billion in upwards and damages from the hurricane white house deputy press secretary judd deer told n.b.c. news that quote the trump administration will not put taxpayers on the hook to correct a decades old spending crisis that has left the island with deep rooted economic
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problems and while the white house may not believe the people of puerto rico deserve our money it appears they definitely my friends believe they deserve our fracking yes the real news network is now reporting that the gas industry and its allies in congress hope to push the l. and g. exports to the islands electricity grid ravage from climate change fueled natural disaster now that my friends is a gift that just keeps on giving you round joining us now is environmental reporter steve horn with more on this subject steve thank you for coming on today. thanks again for having me appreciate it good to be back steve we're going to ask what exactly even that they have in their pocket reported rigo regarding liquefied natural gas. yeah well the plan kind of revolves around a two pronged kind of regulatory deregulatory assault step one is something called small scale l.n.g. which has been taking place i think it predated the trump administration that's
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really taken off in the trump era in that the oil and gas industry is currently succeeded in twenty eighteen but after a two year push to. fast track exports of what's called small scale these are tankers that are kind of a different style than the normal little five natural gas tankers in terms of the engineering details but the size are still very large and they're mostly leaving from florida which gets to the key part about puerto rico and the tie into the caribbean and so step two is something called the jones act the jones act is a law that applies to ships with flags that are not united states flags if you if you carry cargo from the united states you can't take it to another part of the united states you have to take it abroad so only a foreign owned tanker could take something from the united states shores to
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another place in the united states because puerto rico is technically a dependency or colony thing and how you look at it of the united states the jones act is kind of currently inhibiting the island of puerto rico from receiving gas from florida because and i say i think it is said that in the reverse but so most of the elegy tankers are have foreign flags they can't go from the united states to the other part of the united states only us to us so right now that's a big blockade that said there are still some tankers that can do that and the small scale ones. definitely able to do that so that's kind of the deregulatory picture in the trump era of natural gas flowing from florida to in particular from florida to puerto rico doesn't get drilled in florida but it ends up in florida then it gets exported via these tankers and it will become increasingly so to puerto rico. is there resistance to this plan in puerto rico or the is there anybody on the ground there who's against in one of they had to say. yes to the
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video we just put out we spoke to several different stakeholders climate activists environmental attorney another climate activists we talk to three people they are the kind of represent different parts of the advocacy community within puerto rico and yeah there there is a pretty big backlash to this of course pretty close electricity grid was decimated with hurricane maria so there does need to be a rebuilding of some sort for their electricity grid what they argue is that that should not revolve around natural gas coming or shell gas or frack gas coming from the north or the united states mainland to puerto rico that they argue that other people shouldn't be heard in those communities and we should do something that accelerates more potentially accelerates more climate change due to methane emissions to bring that gas to puerto rico so yeah there is definitely a movement that has arisen and i will say that in twenty eighteen i was talking
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about small scale and g. the conventional large carriers of elegy there was an opposition movement to one of those called gas port get away and that plant was actually because of that opposition and. i think it added up resulting in that the company that was proposing that pulled out their application that they had moving through the federal energy regulatory commission or for so yeah there's definitely a grassroots movement against these developments in puerto rico you know one of the big arguments to go was he. you're from the fracking side you know for using fracking obtained liquid natural gas that's referring to resell you know when to use that is that it is it's what they're calling this bridge fuel to renewable energy in the future is a disingenuous to call in geo bridge fuel me what you know what is this idea of a bridge fuel and one of the actual liquid natural gas have on the climate and
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potentially climate change. the argument around the bridge fuel with the dog fracking or shell gas in the united states and the argument was that it's of course a bridge to something else that's a argument goes that it's a cleaner fossil fuel and it's a bridge to things like solar wind etc as those well we've seen the united states of course is kind of quite the opposite is that and this are different because they're not extracting their own gas so they would be even more dependent on this stuff the united states that has a mixed grid right now what we see in the united states is that they lock in contracts for a very long time they don't just sign one or two or three year contracts there are twenty twenty five year contracts so. the scope of climate change and the number of years we have to cut back on the use of fossil fuels doesn't really alive and you know the i.p.c.c. came out with the report last year saying we have about twelve years to really make a major dent in climate change emissions otherwise we're looking at even worse
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irreversible damage is and the bill of this kind in search of something in the last more than twelve years i think people on the ground would say for sure so yeah what they're also arguing is puerto rico has abundant sunshine and would be a great place to build out solar special you're starting pretty much from the ground up right now given how much infrastructure was damage it's a great chance to instead of doing that quote unquote bridge fuel idea start out with something where you're starting from dry. and zero as opposed to the united states which has so much legacy fossil fuel into a structure it might be a little bit harder to phase it out as quickly in a way you could see this crisis in puerto rico as an opportunity i think that's what they would argue but of course the natural gas industry sees it as a major opportunity to to flood the grid with frack gas in the united states. so one of them to thinking is coming back in is you had mentioned that the bees are
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supposed to be the small shipments the small tanker is and that's kind of what the trump administration making it easier i guess the one question to really clarify for people at home is just are these any safer is the transportation of them safer because it's not just one thing to puerto rico but we're talking about from florida all the way along to puerto rico is that things that are the same or just you know let's say yeah that's a great question i think that at the end of the day it's not really clear if well no because i mean the industry knows it's not clear that this will be discussed in regulatory filings in the current status that got set up under this new regime for small scale because under what happened what i said it was fast tracked there are the environmental review process in which those type of things are discussed in public hearings or where experts can come to testify or do filings and that whole process the industry sees as onerous and holds it back from moving as quickly that
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process doesn't exist anymore for small scale elegy it's literally a carve out for a small scale alan g. in which under the natural gas act of nine hundred thirty five that says there's language that says gas can only be export if it's in the court if it's in the quote unquote public interest well small scale and g. now under the department of energy rule that they put out in twenty eighteen is considered in the public interest de facto therefore any kind of discussion about this that we used to take place and hearings and all of that we don't really know and maybe. well the discussion about it outside of those but yeah the key mechanism to discuss this within the federal government no longer exists which is pretty i think pretty scary in a lot of ways when you talk about safety hazards or you talk about climate change. issues you talk about environmental justice issues so yeah i think that you had the entire purpose of that was to get around that and so far they have i think that's why this to our story with puerto rico i think that's why this story hasn't really
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come out is that the process for small scale and she has people don't realize that it's been fast tracked in this way so they're really realize that where it's been going which is puerto rico and the caribbean where it's destiny go a little bit of time left i just want to ask you a group quickly from what you see will puerto rico kind of ultimately accept and kind of succumb to this plan. well yeah i think that the bottom line is in their integrated resources plan or their the report they said that they would like to build out three l. and g. and port terminals so it looks like the island is very much moving in the direction of doing that at least their government. that's produced. that wasn't the case well but thank you so much for the great reporting climate reporter for the real news and network steve warren always a pleasure having you on sort of thank you what if the question that has helped push humanity in the greatest of its achievements and now what if it's at the heart of a new experiment where researchers at the university of nottingham asked what if it can be used to help us better predict our own demise more of it but actually very
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young fall using a machine learning algorithm researchers input health data getting sixty different variables like age gender biometric data like blood pressure and body mass index from over five hundred thousand individuals into a machine learning algorithm and found that the machine learning models proved to be more accurate than our current standard mathematical ones while still in its infancy using machine learning in this capacity could potentially help doctors recognize which of their patients are at higher risk for certain conditions with far better clarity and speed than we can today. wow that's like really incredible in the fact that she doesn't think it's very disparate morbid but really devoted to her going to this remember going to tell us we're going to die but i want to live life expectancy you know but i understand where as not rely completely on there should be using it as like an adjunct to you know medical prognosis and things like not it would actually be super helpful i mean you would hope. told me about that
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some of the machines that were at the end of the day. all right that is are so for you to everyone remember in this world we're not told that we're absolved so i tell you all i love i am tired of and i'm top of the lalas keep on watching those hawks and have a great day and much of what. the tense situation in venezuela is still all over the news the problem in venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been faced
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only implement from the inside venezuela things are different we're going to announce will have a supplement goes. down to some sort of battle so on the people of the moment the focus of the who story isn't new makes him called in henry kissinger to tell him that it would not be tolerated that in latin america. an alternative economic and social system could take hold and therefore the policy would be to make. the chilean screed. the great tragic comedy known as russia gate is slowly becoming part of history the resistance continues to resist trump but clearly the president has the wind at his back now is the time for a great awakening what are the lessons to be learned in can the liberal media recover from this fiasco.
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there was a. chance to do crack when i was a little kid my dad when i was a baby but i had a bad childhood. there's always single mothers an african american community service and slavery. i think it's more of a teenagers having kids. you can expect a fourteen or fifteen year old first daughter now order for handing your father and he said check out. the last place on. my car and breaking down i was unable to get to work on time so they let me go with my paycheck that i bring home i have merely enough to pay my car insurance. gas.
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it was supposed to be a pivotal day for britain but instead of finally leaving the e.u. the prime minister's left trying to push a watered down brics deal through parliament. also the u.s. secretary of state claims russia's interfered in every election since two thousand and four. and the next threat totalitarian foe a group of us for cold war era advocacy group calling for pushback against china the move immediately draws the ire of beijing.
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